top 10 LIKES (:

(no peticular order)

1. smileyys! i love it when someone sends me a smiley, it shows some emotion which is hard to figure out over text or aim. they are also hekka cute! 🙂

2. sunflowersss. even though most people dont get them in bouquets, they can brighten anyones day. and sunflower seeds are yummy too.

3. PIKACHU. i watched pokemon as a child, and always loved pikachu! (even though he couldnt speak x: )

4. lemonade. can you say delicious?and was hekka cheap back in the day!! 25cents…haha i wish stuff was still that price.

5. rubber ducky’s!! i always played with these in my bathtub, i had the whole family too. they are classic.

6. the simpsons! 🙂 one of the best shows on tv!! can u say hella funny!?!?!? i can!

7. magic school bus. they have thee BEST field trips, forreal. and ive never met a teacher as tight as Ms.Frizzle (and the lizard of course :D)

8. fritosss! hekka goodd tho. aha this little boy liked them back then too

9. the sun. i love the sun, expecially sunrises, their beaaaautiful, the sun is sort of a dislike too because noone likes getting burnt. but without it! we wouldnt be living 🙂 so gotta love it!

10. little miss sunshine. uhmm , BEST movie ever!! i love this movie, omg its hilarious! if u havent seen it then you need to because then you will have this on your top 10 likes too!! and the advertisments are yellow, how ironic 🙂

top 10 DISLIKES!!! ):<

1. yellow teeth! MAJOR turn off. point. blank. period.

2. Bees. okay, they might be cute halloween costumes but they are scary and hurt. especially if ur allergic…

3.bananas! my coach says i need to eat them for potassium, and i do (yuck!) im soo sick of them, and i feel like im eating baby food :/

4. bio hazard..sadly the bio hazard symbol is in yellow!! so if u see a symbol in yellow on a bottle or something, please be careful

5. lemonade-Gucci mane. this song is not one of my favorite…what do you think??

6. oregon yellow jerseys. haha NOT hot, even though their the ducks, they poorly represent how cute ducks are with those hideous (almost a neon yellow) jerseys.

7. squash! ewww, not taste-y. the name even sounds gross, why would you want to eat something that is named squashed?! no comprendo :/

8. yellow fever. uhm yellow fever is not only a deadly viral infection!! but the symptoms are totally and completely unenjoyable.

9. neon yellow. i feel like im being blinded whenever i see something this color, the color is not appealing at all to the eye in any shape size or form. or at least mine.

10.yellow loafers!!!!! i mean yellow is my favorite color, but it shouldnt be the color of any shoe. especially loafers. i have not caught anyone in these (thank goodness!!)


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